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We use a methodology called ‘Values-Based Financial Planning™’, to help our clients make smart choices about their money so that they can achieve their goals and fulfill their values. 

This methodology involves comprehensive financial planning services to our clients. Should we choose to work together, you will receive value in the following ways:

The Big Picture

The big picture of where you are now, where you want to be, and what’s important to you will be crystal clear (we will use a Values-Based Financial Roadmap® - a worksheet which brings clarity to your values).

Action Plan

You will have a written, comprehensive, step-by-step action plan for all aspects of your financial life.

Progress Reports

You will receive customized progress reports – so you have the confidence of knowing exactly where you stand measured against pre-determined benchmarks. We will measure progress toward your goals.

Implementation Plan

Annually, you will receive an updated Implementation Plan – summarizing your financial plan into a simple list of action steps required to create the greatest probability that you will stay on track with your financial plan over the years.

Proactive Professionals

We will be proactive – meaning we anticipate future needs before they occur, rather than reacting to them as they occur.

Consolidated Portfolio

Your finances will be consolidated so that you have the fewest products and relationships possible to produce the desired results. This simplifies your life so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Outside Resources

We will work alongside your CPA, attorney and other professionals to help ensure that your plan is doing what it’s supposed to do. As such, your plan will include appropriate tax and estate planning.



We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor. As such, we are not beholden to any specific company’s products or offerings.

Triad Advisors

Triad Advisors

We use specific accounts which may allow you to purchase stocks & mutual fund shares without a sales charge. These accounts are provided through Triad Advisors, LLC. – a broker-dealer with whom Kurt Morgan is a licensed registered representative. All fees for using these accounts are explained in detail prior to use.

These accounts through Triad Advisors, LLC. allow us to effectively meet the investment needs of virtually any client – regardless of account size or investment objectives. Based on our consultations and discussions with you, we determine your investment goals and risk tolerance. We customize asset allocations and investment strategies to meet your individual financial situation and investment objectives.