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Meet Our Team

Kurt Morgan

President and CEO



Kurt has been in the investment-related business since 1986, when he became securities and insurance licensed with his original firm. After several corporate changes and consolidations over the years, he realized that it simply made more sense to leave the larger, corporate-minded investment world and begin his own firm. Today, he is able to serve every client as an independent advisor – with all of the opportunity and freedom that it brings.

Over the years, he has come alongside other entrepreneurs and small businesses – providing direction, counsel, and occasional help with business development. Having studied entrepreneurship at Oregon State University, he has always felt a kindred spirit with those who are pursuing the American Dream.

When not meeting with clients or working in the office, he can often be found driving on the ‘back roads’ – with camera in hand – looking for unusual or overlooked photo opportunities. He enjoys the discipline, patience and discovery in finding just the right place and moment to capture an image in nature. While photography is only a hobby, he finds that this time away from the office keeps him refreshed and focused. 

In the winter, he enjoys the thrill of downhill skiing on one of Oregon’s many mountain peaks.

In the last few years, he has also discovered the value in pursuing physical health. With the direction of a personal fitness coach, he continues to reach new levels of personal fitness that he hasn’t seen before.

Kurt chose a career in the financial industry as an opportunity to combine his interests in business and finance with his desire for seeing others live their lives focused on the things most important to them. After nearly 27 years, this combination of the two has been a wonderful mix – and continues to serve as motivation and encouragement for the future.

Jake Stewart

Client & Advisor Support



Jake started in the investment-related business in September 2018 when he joined Kurt in his vision to see others live their lives with a purpose according to their distinct values and wants. He is in the process of getting securities licensed as he seeks to serve as a financial adviser with TMG Wealth Advisors in the future. After a couple of key interviews with small corporate companies in Portland and Lake Oswego came up empty, he had the opportunity to start his career with TMG Wealth Advisors.

Jake graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Business Management.  He was able to combine his knowledge of processes and systems with his newfound passion for the financial world to provide a unique perspective to the ever-changing nature of investments. His skills in communication - written and verbal, critical thinking, and attention to detail have served him well in working with clients.

When not at work, he is an avid lover and player of sports—ranging from baseball (his favorite) to football and golf. He enjoys the ever-present challenge of perfecting his form and skills while working together with other talented individuals to accomplish goals.  He also enjoys being active. On weekends, you can find him hiking or spelunking with his friends in some remote part of the state exploring the best of what nature has to offer.

Jake loves combining his interests in business and finance with his desire to see people be financially responsible and prepared for their future. He hopes to make an impact not just in his professional life but also his personal life - serving others more than himself. He is excited what the future holds in this business moving forward.

Ryan Reichenberger

Head Marketer & Tech Support



Ryan started working for TMG Wealth Advisors in June 2019 as a summer intern. He since has been hired on-board as a team member focusing on marketing strategies and growth for the business. He seeks to expand the company through the process of re-branding, online social media presence, media campaigns and client events. 

Ryan graduated from Linn Benton Community College with an associates degree and wishes to further his education through personal research and studies. Ryan has combined his knowledge with his strong can-do attitude to become self-taught and take on the role of Head Marketer. His desire to help improve the business and quality of service has left a solid mark on TMG Wealth Advisors.

When not working on his laptop at work, you'll find Ryan in the remote parts of Oregon, capturing the beautiful mountains, lakes, and other landscapes the Pacific NorthWest has to offer. He actively pursues photography as a hobby, and loves capturing beautiful moments in time, to show others the wonder of what's around them. He loves hitting the trails with friends and finding new spots to explore and photograph.

Ryan pursues his passion of helping others grow, along with his heart to serve, to help the company expand to its full potential. He seeks to find ways to provide a service that goes above and beyond the needs of each client.